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Galactic Qualifiers are exciting events at conventions and similar venues where players of all skill levels can enjoy Star Wars™: Destiny. Incredible prizes await all participants for the main tournaments and side events, including the chance to qualify for the World Championships!

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Battlefield Schedule

Galactic Qualifiers are always being plotted!
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April 13-14

Milton Keynes, UK

Milton Keynes Football Stadium
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More dates coming soon!

Prize Station

Playmats; Alternative Art Cards Playmats; Alternative Art Cards

Every Galactic Qualifier participant will receive an extended art prize card and can obtain an exclusive playmat!

Character Cards; Full-art Locations Character Cards; Full-art Locations

Victories are rewarded with Prize Credits, which can be redeemed for a selection of incredible prizes, including exclusive plastic character and battlefield cards with stunning spot-glossing!

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World Championships

Fantasy Flight Games Center

Compete With the Best

The pinnacle of competition each year is the Star Wars: Destiny World Championship. The legendary Fantasy Flight Games Center plays host to a incredible event, offering players the opportunity to claim the title of World Champion!

In addition to incredible and limited-edition prizes for all competitors, the newly-crowned champion earns the The Greatest Prize In Gaming™: the chance to inspire the design of a future card for Star Wars: Destiny! Will you aspire to greatness?

Earn your place among champions.
Join them at the next World Championship in May 2018.

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